With our partnerships with Michigan Ear Institute and others, the LHC offers a wide range of hearing aid models, types and styles.


The LHC primarily offers hearing aids from the following manufacturers: 

GN ReSound – www.gnresound.com – 800-248-4327

OTICON – www.oticon.com – 800-526-3921

PHONAK – www.phonak.com - 630-699-5682 or 800-777-7333

PRAIRIE LABS – www.prairielabs.com – 800-322-8238

SIGNIA – www.signia.net – 800-766-4500

STARKEY – www.starkey.com – 800-328-8602

UNITRON – www.unitronhearing.com – 763-744-3401 or 800-888-8882


 CIC (Completely in the Canal)

This is the smallest type of hearing aid made and is almost invisible in the ear. All the components are housed in a small case that fits far into the ear canal. This takes advantage of the ear’s own natural sound-collecting design and offers convenient telephone usage.

CICs are custom made for each ear; however, these hearing aids are restricted to persons with ear canals large enough to accommodate the insertion depth of the instrument into the ear. Also, the CIC style uses a very small battery that requires good manual dexterity. This type of hearing aid is not suitable for persons with severe hearing losses.

ITC (In the Canal)

A little bigger than the CIC, the ITC hearing aids also fit far into the ear canal. Canal hearing aids use a slightly larger battery than the CIC style. This style is used for mild to moderate hearing losses.

ITE (In the Ear)

These hearing aids can be used for a wider range of hearing losses. Due to their larger size, ITEs can accommodate larger sound amplifiers and more features such as a telephone switch. They are also easier to handle.

BTE (Behind the Ear)

In BTE hearing aids, the electronics are housed in a case that fits behind the ear. Tubing and a custom made earmold direct the sound to the ear canal. Due to its robust design, this style is especially recommended for children. BTE hearing aids can provide more amplification than smaller devices due to the stronger amplifier
and the larger battery. This style is available in several colors for hair and skin tone matching.


How do I get Hearing Aid Assistance?

To request an application for hearing aid assistance, please call 517-887-6640 or write This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..