Children and Youth Screening Program

The Lions Hearing Center provides hearing screening for children in schools, Head Start Programs, the Wayne County Juvenile Detention Facility, and at various health fairs. Follow-up care and treatment is offered as well at our locations in the tri-county area, and for those families that have no insurance or ability to pay – care is provided at no charge.  

Senior Outreach Program

We provide hearing screening services to any senior program, community center or living facility in the region. Screenings are offered on location and at no cost to participants.  We also offer follow-up care and evaluation through the Michigan Ear Institute.  Screenings are done by trained staff and volunteers.

Hearing Aid Assistance Program

We provide affordable hearing aids for low income and underinsured Michigan residents suffering from hearing loss.  To request a Lions of Michigan Affordable Hearing Aid Application, please call 517-887-6640 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Lions Hearing Center provides small grants to Wayne State faculty and residents that focus on hearing loss prevention and related disorders.

Education and Awareness

We provide a wide range of education to the general public and hearing care professionals on hearing health care through our website, health fairs, newsletters, conferences and workshops.


For more information please visit our Scholarships pages