The Greater Metro Detroit Lions Club and Lions Hearing Center of Michigan have teamed up to start the Love-Peel
Scholarship Fund for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
. Lion Deborah Love-Peel has been a lion for over 17 years.
She has worked with a number of organizations that support Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. Her passion for the past
19 years has been to create a unique scholarship opportunity for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. She is aware of the
needs of Deaf and Hard of Hearing young people. She encourages Deaf and Hard of Hearing young people to reach for
higher education, but also realizes the challenges they face especially in the reading and comprehension arena.
Deaf and Hard of Hearing students face unique challenges as they attend the college, trade school or University of their
choice. Deborah’s dedication and advocacy to this scholarship is fueled by the fact
that she has a daughter who is deaf. Her daughter’s personal challenge has been reading comprehension.

The goal of this scholarship is not only to award students extra finances to attend college,
but to assist and encourage them while in college to succeed in the goals they set for themselves.
Lion Love-Peel creates partnerships with organizations to establish support processes
for the students who receive these scholarships as they navigate the higher learning
institutions of their choice.
We need your help as fellow Lions, community leaders and business owners.
Please go back to your clubs and organizations, places of employment and
help us raise the consciousness and funds we need to have a successful scholarship.
Interested in applying for a scholarship?